Author Bio

renee-salvatori-writerRenee Salvatori lives in West Virginia with her husband and four children, where she home schools one son. She continues to learn at the feet of her children; she says they are her best teachers. She has a passion for writing, journaling, and reading. It was this passion for writing that persuaded her to share her experiences with others.

Before staying home to raise her children, she worked in the health field. She has always been eager to understand ways of healing the body physically, mentally, and emotionally. She has always tried many new ways for healing and continues to apply what works for her. She is nicknamed the perpetual seeker. She feels that life is too short not to seek all you can.

She is passionate about personal growth and healing of all kinds. Finding ways to improve her life, the lives of those she loves, and those she doesn’t even know yet. She feels that life is not always pretty, but it can offer you a wonderful learning opportunity. She takes those opportunities of past and shares them from her heart.