If you are looking for ways to get past your current discomfort, this book offers many wonderful suggestions in aiding you on your journey.

We all have been wounded in life. There is no escaping it. Wounds come from society, religion, living poorly, denial, deaths, sickness, work, financial hardships, people we love, and more importantly, by our very selves. Even though wounds can be our greatest teachers, you may still be limping along in life or still feeling its pain.

You will find what you need within these pages to help build a space for healing, and you will find the tools to aid in your recuperation as well as the skills to perhaps keep future wounds to a slight bump with quicker healing.

We will never be done receiving and healing our wounds. I share with you some of my own methods in treating my own hurts of life. I write not as an expert but as a sensitive sharer. I offer you the tools that work for me. You can pick which tools will work for you and see how quickly you recover.

If you are looking for a friend to help you bandage your wound, I hope my words are the balm you need. We all know that words don’t teach as much as life’s experiences do. Your experiences and my experiences are different, though there may be many similarities. I am sensitive to others and I hope you will feel this as you read. Let’s wander through our experiences together.

Picture us sitting and chatting as I share what I have learned so far. Let’s have a cold glass of tea together and have a toast to life with all its experiences.

May your heart also grow light,

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